Soil Analysis

It is well known that among the factors contributing to agricultural productivity, the use of nutrients, major as well as micro, is a prominent one. While it is known, based on anecdotal evidence, that the use of micronutrients is sub optimal, if not totally absent, there is no large scale study data corresponding to such a trend. Hence, with the two fold objective of creating a soil testing data, especially of micro nutrients, based on a reasonably large sample size and to ascertain the anecdotally derived trend of sub optimal use of micro nutrients, soil testing for 336 soil samples, from 89 villages of the districts of Adilabad, Kurnool and Krishna has been carried out under the Consortium project. The samples in each of the said villages have been so selected as to represent the major crops as well as the geographical location of the farms in the village.

The parameters being tested are as follows:
  1. Soil Type (by Feel Method)
  2. Soil color (by appearance)
  3. pH and E.C
  4. Available nutrients: NPK, Mg, S, Zn, Fe, Mn, Cu and Boron.

The results of the soil analysis bear testimony to and ascertain the anecdotal belief that there is under use of micro nutrients. This is the first of its kind evidence based on a large sample size.